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Do You Ever Wonder Whether It Is Worth It?

posted Jun 10, 2019, 4:11 PM by MCG Admin
 Note From Ann Ramos...   

    Do you ever wonder whether it is worth it?  When I took our small offering to the Lynnwood Food Bank,  Director Alissa recognized MCG donations immediately, and the volunteer who stopped me briefly in the parking lot was effusive:  "Thank You so much for the beautiful produce…You know, I work at the distribution table outside, and it is such a pleasure to announce “fresh picked” to the clients as they come to collect their food choices…”   
    I saw stacks of canned soup, bakery goods, all sorts of dry goods which the local grocery stores had donated….but fresh produce is a rarity.  So, if you have more in your rental beds than you can use, please don’t let it go to waste….donate it — there are a lot of people out there who will be very grateful.  Write a note to us — we harvest on Wednesday and Saturday as needed.  But remember we do not have a working refrigerator just now, so it will have to be transported the same day as picked (or stored for a short time in the refrigerator of one of you Good Samaritans at home).