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An important message from the Board of the MCG

posted Mar 23, 2020, 8:27 AM by MCG Admin   [ updated Mar 29, 2020, 8:06 AM ]

An important message from the Board of the Mukilteo Community Garden 

Governor Inslee has ordered people to stay home.  But, his order includes this statement: "People can still participate in activities such as bike rides, gardening, and dog walking — as long as they follow social distancing rules." 

The Board has decided the Mukilteo Community Garden(MCG) will remain open for business.  A conversation with a Food Bank representative confirms – they are looking forward to our produce, and they will need it this year more than ever.  And we believe the Garden will be an important place for you to have privacy and serenity as we all negotiate the serious challenge to our community. But we are primarily concerned for personal safety.  If you are comfortable being in the Garden, we want you to continue using it and to help us continue to raise crops for the Food Banks. 

In light of the corona virus, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of all connected to the Garden. 

Please read to the bottom of this email and reply so we know you have read this important communication.  If we don’t hear from you by March 28, a Board member will give you a friendly call to be sure you’re aware of our plans.  And when you reply, we’d love to have your thoughts, concerns and ideas.  

Protecting yourself, your family and your fellow gardeners

Be responsible for your own safety as well as the safety of others.  Bring and use your own gloves.  Bring your own sanitizing wipes and use them to wipe whatever you touch – locks, door handles, tools, wheelbarrow handles, etc.  Wipe before you touch, and wipe when you’re done.  There’s no such thing as too cautious!!  We will try to stock a bleach solution and paper towels, but don’t rely on them.  Bring your own.  

If possible, bring your own tools.  However, if you absolutely need to use a tool from the shed, clean it when you are done and use your sanitizing wipes to thoroughly wipe down the handle of the tool before and after you use it. 

Learn more about protecting your family here:

 Meeting our mandate to feed the community

The food bank has informed us that the needs of their clients is going to be greater than ever and our giving bed produce is going to play a vital role in people’s lives. 

Your 10-hour commitment to work in 2020 supporting the giving beds and common area will be critical, but we are giving you the flexibility you need to fulfill your commitment.  There will be no formal work parties until further notice.  Gardeners can work whenever it is safe and convenient for you, both on your own beds and on the Food Bank beds.  You are no longer obligated to the specific days and times you signed up for when you paid your rental fees.  

The important tasks for volunteers will be shared in a weekly email with the subject line “MCG Tasks week of XXX”.  They will also be posted on the MCG web site and will be posted at the garden.  (This will also be a helpful guide to what you could be doing with your own crops.) 

Getting the most out of your garden bed and experience

MCG Board members will be available for consultation, either via phone or in person.  If you’ve got a question about your own crops, or you don’t feel confident to work on a task for the Food Bank beds without some guidance, get in touch with us at the email or phone number below.  We’ll get back to you and arrange to provide help as it works best for you.

Unfortunately, we have fewer gardeners this year than last year.  If you’re a returning gardener who hasn’t paid yet, and you’re concerned about the rental fee, we’d like to work with you to keep you involved.  Get in touch with us at the email or phone number below.   

Because there are unrented beds, you can also add on to your growing capacity.  Get in touch with us at the email or phone number below if you’d like to rent another space.  Remember, the 10 hours/year applies to each bed so you’ll be upping your volunteer commitment. 

Staying connected because We are a Community

One of the benefits of gardening at MCG is the ability to socialize with and learn from fellow bed renters.  Since we cannot do that for now, remember that MCG is also online.  We’ve got Facebook and Instagram accounts which would be a great way to communicate with other gardeners.  Please use those for now, until we can all once again meet and mingle in the Garden.  

We may be a smaller group than in the past, but the Board has great hopes that this will be an excellent year for the Garden.  We’ll all work together to provide a much-needed service to our neighbors, and we’ll personally benefit from the peace and serenity to be found in the Garden. 

Many thanks for your understanding and help! 

The Mukilteo Community Garden Board 

To reach us about any of the points above, or with any other thoughts, email or call 425-737-0351 to speak with Jeanne Crisp, Board Vice-President.