The Mukilteo Community Garden is offering classes in the garden every second Saturday from February through September starting at 10am. Everyone is welcome to come and join the fun!

Lets get Sprouting!

February 18

This is a hands on class. You will learn how to properly start seeds and the different ways to care for them, whether you have a greenhouse or not. You will be helping to start seeds for the MCG, as well as, seeds to take home. We will discuss planning a vegetable garden and companion planting.

Lets get Sharp!

March 11

Bring your pruners and learn how to get them ready for the season. You will learn cleaning techniques, tricks to keeping them so for the season and how to prevent the spreading of fungus and disease. (Note: This event will be held at the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce, down the street from the garden.)

Our Soil is Alive!

April 8

Come and learn how to transplant the seedlings from last month with a lesson on garden soil, potting soil, compost and growing alternatives spaces=window boxes, pots, vertical. 

Slugs, Beetles and Bunnies, Oh My!

May 13

This month's Saturday class we are having Sharon Collman (founder of the Master Gardeners, WSU extension office Entomologist) She is the best! Kids love her! Adults too! Bring bugs, diseased plant samples and questions. This is a golden opportunity! Learn the organic ways to pest control, disease prevention and if using a chemicalthe proper times of when and how, and what is safest for you, your home yard and the environment.

Heat Lovers and One to Grow On

June 10

Learn about growing heat loving vegetables: Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.  We will also be talking about the benefits of trellis’ and vertical growing.

No Sweat!

July 8

Getting the most out of watering is important. We will teach how much, how often, along with technic: soaker hoses, drip irrigation, water spikes, etc.

Eat Your Veggies Via A Potluck!!! - CANCELLED

August 12

We will be celebrating the season of growing veggies, the bounty of harvest by having a Potluck and cooking demonstration in the garden. Bring your favorite potluck dish: be it a main dish, side dish or dessert.

Where: At the Mukilteo Community Garden

When:  12 pm – 3 pm   (longer if we are just having too much fun!!)

(We will also still have our work/harvesting party in the morning per usual)

Time for A Long Winters Nap

September 9

Plans for putting your beds to sleep for the season, as well as, planning for a winters garden to extend the growing season if giving the garden up is just too hard!