2020 Garden Tasks

Enter the garden on your own schedule, work on your rental bed, and please help in the Giving Garden with the following list of Tasks: 


(Note, as you walk into the garden you are facing north. The burlap you pull off your bed or any of the food bank beds can be stacked neatly to the left of the west gate.  Any anchoring  blocks, please move to the northwest corner of the garden.)

  1. Plant peas into bed L.  The burlap must come off, then work in compost (bags are already in place).  Space the seedlings, which are in trays on the beds, evenly along the entire length of the wire trellis, and plant them close to the wire. 
  2. Redistribute soil in the beds that Lorie and Bruce rebuilt (Beds A - F).  Use shovels and rakes to spread the soil evenly into the new beds. To avoid compacting the soil, please minimize how much you step inside the beds.   Probably no one person will completely move all the soil, but if you do just one bed it will be a big help.
  3. Pull burlap off of all the Food Bank beds.  Stack the burlap and anchoring blocks as noted above.
  4. Around April 1-2, there will be 40 bags of compost mix delivered to the garden.  (Thanks Ace Hardware for the donation and thanks Lorie and Bruce for transporting them.)  Each food bank bed gets 2-3 bags worked in, so pick a bed and start stirring.  Please anchor an empty compost bag on top of the bed so everyone knows it's been done; the rest of the empty bags go into the trash cans.
  5. Weed, Weed, Weed (and then weed some more).  This is the perfect time to get the weeds out easily before they get big and go to seed.  You need to keep the space around your own rental beds weed-free, but your volunteer hours can be spent weeding aisles between the food bank beds.  

Thanks everyone!  This list will be posted at the Garden on Saturday March 28.  If you have any questions about the above tasks, give me a call or text.  

Jeanne Crisp, 425-737-0351