2020 Garden Tasks

Enter the garden on your own schedule, work on your rental bed, and please help in the Giving Garden with the following list of Tasks: 


Hello, Gardeners and Volunteers,

One word for this week:  WEEDING.  The beds along the north fence (you are facing north when you enter the garden) and the fence itself are choked with weeds.  We need to plant summer crops in those beds so please, help clear them out over the next few days.  And pull off the weeds that are growing on both the inside and outside of the fence itself.

Also, the Northeast corner where there are some blueberry beds needs dire attention.  

Once that weeding is completed, there's always the area around the front gates and around the tool shed.

Otherwise, enjoy your own garden patches!  If you want to help harvest for the foodbank, we meet at 10 am Tuesday mornings.  And as soon as there are enough crops to harvest, we'll add a Saturday harvest party to the mix.  

Don't forget your masks 🙂

Many thanks,

Jeanne Crisp for the MCG Board

PS - Be sure to report your hours; it’s a simple process.   Send an email to mcghours@gmail.com    Subject line: Volunteer hours for Suzie Q, bed 99   Body of email:  Suzie Q, Bed 99, March 23, 2.5 hours  Optional to describe what you worked on; we trust you are only counting hours spent on the food bank beds!